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The Haddonfield Skirmish

An Interactive Website for a Historical Reenactment

The Haddonfield Skirmish

A Online Tool for Event Visitors

The Haddonfield Skirmish needed an online interactive website for visitors to their annual event. Every year The Haddonfield Skirmish hosts a community event for the citizens of Haddonfield and the surrounding areas. CCandG was tasked with creating an online directory of the events and restaurants that are available to the visitors of this event. We created a sortable directory of restaurants as well as an interactive map for parking and facilities. 

The site was designed to be viewing on mobile devices for the attendees of the event. The site was optimized with page load speed in mind to offer information at a click. The site garnered over 15,000 views on the day of the event, helping to make it one of the most successful instances of the The Haddonfield Skirmish. 

Visit haddonfieldskirmish.com


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